New Barn Construction Underway!

The CMSF Heritage Foundation’s newest addition to the fairgrounds is a new livestock barn. ¬†We said goodbye to the old barns and broke ground on the new at the end of September 2016. This new facility will be 64,000 square feet under cover and will be the home to 4-H & FFA exhibitors beginning at the 2017 CMSF, as well as house interim events for the CMSF grounds.

new-barn-pics-10-11-16-1 new-barn-pics-10-11-16-2 new-barn-pics-10-11-16-3 new-barn-pics-10-11-16-4 new-barn-pics-10-11-16-5 new-barn-pics-10-11-16-6 new-barn-pics-10-11-16-7 new-barn-pics-10-11-16-8 sept-26-2016-2 sept-26-2016-3 sept-26-2016-4 sept-26-2016-5 sept-26-2016